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Example 3: Globalization and Rural Women



Click on each highlighted section of text to see how you might question it and research the answers to your questions.

"The recent developments in commodity and labour markets associated with the process of globalization have posed new challenges and uncertainties for rural people. In order to cope with market demands and minimize income insecurity, households try to diversify their resource base. Under market conditions land alone no longer provides a secure and sustainable living for rural people, even for those who own relatively large holdings. Predictable sources of cash earnings are needed to maximize household livelihood security.... Research shows that in most countries of the Middle East and Africa, women often take over the work on land or the non-farm family business, thus enabling male members of the household to migrate in search of work in national or international labour markets. In Latin America and Asia, women - single as well as married - have for long been the principal labour migrants ..."

[Source: Erturk, Yakin. The Situation of Rural Women and Globalization. Women's International Network News, Autumn 2001, Vol. 27 Issue 4, p4. Academic Search Premier. Accessed 7 August 2002 ]

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