Questioning Information

An Interpretive Process for Library Research


About this tutorial:


Not in this tutorial!

  1. How to find sources of information in the library, on the Internet, etc.
  2. How to take notes
  3. How to make an outline
  4. How to quote, paraphrase and summarize correctly
  5. How to give credit to the original sources of ideas and words
  6. How to organize your writing
  7. How to use word processing
  8. How to access library resources from home


The Process:

  1. Select a topic that you want to research.
  2. Complete a preliminary search for information related to your topic.
  3. Read preliminary materials related to your topic.
  4. Select "target" text(s) that seem useful for exploring your topic further.
  5. Form questions based on a careful reading of your target text(s).
  6. Search for sources that answer your questions.
  7. Continue questioning and searching until you are satisfied with the results.




Tools for Finding Answers:

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